Major new Anaerobic Digestion order for Glantek

Major new Anaerobic Digestion order for Glantek

13 May 2011


Glantek, Northern Ireland’s leading clean technology alliance, has secured a major order for an anaerobic digestion system in partnership with one of the largest dairy farms in N Ireland

The client is Greenville Energy Ltd, based in Ardstraw, Co Tyrone, and the plant is to be built on the dairy farm belonging to the Mitchell family which milks in excess of 600 dairy cows three times daily.

The plant will incorporate leading edge technologies designed, constructed and supported locally within Northern Ireland. Traditionally the main supplier of AD technologies has been from Germany and Scandinavia, and this order for Glantek is seen as a major breakthrough in developing a locally based AD solution.

There are fundamental differences between feedstocks used in mainland Europe and feedstocks in the Northern Ireland climate. Glantek has successfully developed a system which recognises these differences, and outperforms other European systems in terms of Biogas and energy production. Jason Mitchell commented “Many of the imported AD systems are not designed to operate with grass silage, which will be the mainstay of AD feedstock in Northern Ireland. Maize silage is the most common feedstock in Germany, and is easier to handle than silage and less abrasive. The Glantek system understands and is designed to suit the Northern Ireland market – that was a major factor in our decision to go with Glantek”.

The Glantek systems are developed and supported by local Northern Ireland companies with more the 60 years combined experience in the process control and renewable energy sectors. This was also a key point for Greenville Energy – “Having a local company able to provide service, warranty and technical back-up was a major issue for us, especially when the cost of downtime is so great, and we felt reassured that the locally designed system would meet the relevant UK regulations”   

The expected build time for this major order is less than 4 months, and the plant has been future proofed to enable production to be more than doubled.

Anaerobic Digestion is a well proven technology and, with solutions now available from within the Northern Ireland engineering sector, it represents a unique opportunity for the local farming community to benefit from the potential of the renewable energy sector.

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