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Glantek offer integrated solutions for water and waste water treatment, production of renewable energy, recovering value from waste, environmental and regulatory compliance and optimising resource efficiencies.  We provide practical solutions to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy and waste disposal costs, and recover value and energy from waste whilst future proofing against environmental regulations. Glantek can provide a full service solution from design through to construction, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance and support before and after sales.

Flexibility – We are not bound by a standard range of products or services. Rather, we develop the best supply chain mix and system to meet your requirements. Our customers bring us problems and challenges to reduce the carbon impact of their operations, reduce energy consumption, recover value from their waste or improve their operational efficiencies, and we work together to develop a ‘joined up’ supply chain solution – including design, construction, installation and, in some cases, operation.

Commercial – Glantek recognises that its systems need to make commercial sense to the end customer. Through our partnership approach and flexibility, we have found that our systems are more cost effective and attractive than other solutions available in the market place.

Practical – The partner companies within Glantek have a strong track record within each of the target sectors. Therefore, our systems are practically designed to integrate into our customers’ operations. We take an holistic approach, developing closed loop systems, rather than providing a solution which may reduce carbon or save costs in one area, but has a knock-on effect elsewhere.