• Low carbon production
  • Energy from Waste
  • Renewable Energy on Farms
  • Farm Waste Management
  • Low carbon Waste Water Treatment
  • Land Nutrient Management

Glantek offers farmers and agri-food processors cost effective closed loop solutions to reduce carbon, save costs, comply with environmental regulations, and generate additional sources of revenue.

Under our 'SMARTFarm' offering Glantek has developed a range of products which provide a holistic solution for disposal of farm wastes, pollution control and renewable energy.  The SMARTFarm solution not only controls diffuse pollution but also enhances resource efficiency and provides a commercially viable renewable energy system.  

Our products and processes are deisgned to help the farming and agri-food industries meet increasing legislative and carbon reduction pressures, whilst also improving their bottom line through cost savings or additional revenue.

Farm Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Systems. This system converts farm feedstocks such as silage and slurry into renewable electricity, heat and a highly effective fertilizer - giving farmers additional income from the sale of the electricity generated by the system, as well as reduced electricity bills and artificial fertiliser costs, as the electricity and digestate produced by the system can be used back on the farm. 



With increasing restrictions under the Nitrates Directive, the anaerobic digestion system gives farmers a more environmentally accpetable disposal route for slurry, whilst providing a lucrative business opportunity.

We offer 2 different packages:

(1) A packaged "plug flow" and vertical USBR modular design, constructed off-site and using specialist GRP tanks, designed for lower throughputs and with a smaller footprint.

(2) Bespoke designs for larger scale systems, tailored to individual customer specifications so as to provide best value for money, and with a number of tank construction options.

Our success to date has shown that we have developed a system which is more cost effective and provides a much stronger commercial case than the alternatives in the market.  

Agri-Food AD System. As for the Farm AD system, Glantek’s Agri-Food AD system takes food waste to generate heat and electricity. Again, recovering value from waste, reducing disposal costs, saving on energy costs and reducing carbon footprint. The system can also be installed into dairy processing cooperatives, taking the feedstock from the farmers and generating energy for the dairy processing operation.

Additional low carbon revenue streams: growing and drying willow as a biomass fuel source.

Low carbon willow bioremediation systems to manage run off and treat waste water effluent.

SMART Farm Sensors: For nutrient monitoring and control of nutrient appreciation.

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