About Us

Carbon reduction
Cost savings

Glantek provides practical solutions to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint, save on costs and energy, recover value and energy from waste, and meet enviromental compliance requirements.

By working together, our partner companies are proving that ‘the whole really is greater than the sum of the individual parts’.

Glantek is a unique collaboration of companies working together to develop and promote clean technology products and processes, and bringing together industry leaders into a single supply chain network.  We have a particular focus on the areas of waste, waste water, renewable energy and resource efficiency.

We have a strong track record in waste water treatment, energy from biomass waste,  low carbon systems and environmental and regulatory compliance.  We provide a focal point of expertise and leading edge technologies across these areas.

Our experience spans water utilities and waste water treatment, agriculture and the agri-food sector, industrial processing and the public sector, supplying throughout Europe and North America.

Our Partner Companies

The founding partner companies within Glantek are:

- the largest provider of process control, automation, instrumentation and environmental engineering solutions in Ireland.

  - the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of GRP & thermoplastic tanks, pipework, scrubbers, and environmental air abatement technologies. 

- a specialist in anaerobic digestion systems to recover renewable energy from organic waste.

- a manufacturer of water, sewage and effluent treatment chemicals, including a unique coagulant which outperforms competing products and a process for recovering chemical etchant from industrial waste stream.

- a world renowned specialist in integrated renewable energy and waste management solutions, incorporating bio-filtration of dirty water, bio-remediation of sewage sludge, renewable heat systems, biomass fuel and biomass fuelled boilers.