• Lower carbon processes
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Renewable energy and Energy from Waste
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Waste management

Glantek offers solutions to lower the carbon footprint, minimise waste, recover value and energy from waste, reduce energy costs and optimise efficiencies throughout all areas of industry.

Glantek brings a unique combination of skills and experience which ensures that we find the best solution for our customers' carbon reduction, waste management and energy requirements.  

Whether it's the design and build of new process, or retro fitting and refurbishments of existing projects Glantek will ensure efficiency is optimised, and carbon foodprint is minimised.


We provide:

- Low carbon wastewater treatment processes.

- Renewable energy anaerobic digestion systems to generate revenue and energy from waste

- Advice on streamlining existing processes to reduce carbon footprint.


Some of our key projects to date have involved:

  • Developing a tailored manufacturing process for reduced chemical consumption and recovery of value from waste chemicals.
  • Developing a waste water treatment process to satisfy growing regulatory pressure within the agri food sector.
  • Developing renewable energy from waste systems to reduce energy costs.