• Lower carbon processes
  • Enhanced primary treatment
  • Lower energy costs
  • Recover nutrients and value from sludge
  • Reduced operating costs

The water utilities sector faces growing pressures to reduce its carbon footprint, energy usage, and operating expenditure; this is an area in which Glantek has extensive experience and expertise.

Glantek understands that the opportunities to reduce energy consumption, recover value from waste and lower carbon emissions are spread across all areas of the treatment operation; and we have the skills to identify and address these opportunities.

Glantek brings together leading specialists in the water and waste water treatment sector, including the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water and waste water treatment works, and specialist products, engineering and chemistry skills.


Glantek’s experience has shown that, through our unique combination of skills and our focus on finding the best solution for each situation, we provide solutions which are practical and commercial. We understand that, if water utilities are to achieve their targets, they will have to look at all areas of the business and at all options for recovering value from waste, reducing operating costs and energy consumption and reducing their carbon.

Glantek currently has nurmerous projects underway within the water utilities industry, all focused on reducing carbon footprint and saving operating costs.

  • The ASH system: a low energy anaerobic sludge holding tank, which minimises the sludge produced and thereby reduces disposal costs and energy consumption at the secondary treatment stage.
  • C Zero Plus : developing a zero carbon complete WwT process, encompassing enhanced primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes.
  • DWO: A process to reduce chemicals consumption and improve process efficiencies in drinking water treatment.